We provide struggling veterans a hands-on approach to therapy

We provide struggling veterans a hands-on approach to therapy


We partner untamed mustangs with struggling veterans, providing a unique hands-on approach to therapy.


Veteran Mustang Mission is for Veterans, Active Duty, &
Gold Star Spouses.


Your donation supports our vision to help veterans overcome struggles related to PTSD and grow skills that contribute to a better outlook on life.

No veteran should
struggle in silence

We teach our veterans how to be present and true to themselves. Our vision is to build a cohesive relationship between veteran and mustang, allowing barriers to break, communication to improve, and trust to grow.

Choose an Amount to Give

Veteran Mustang Mission is a tax-exempt non-profit organization. All donations are tax-deductible.

How the program works

Participants can choose to board for up to 14 weeks or to come in during a regular weekly schedule.

Veterans will learn the entire gentling process for our Mustangs for a hands-on approach to training.

Over time, participants will learn skills such as how to resolve conflict, control anger, form healthy boundaries, alleviate anxiety, & build confidence.

Donate to Veteran Mustang Mission

When you donate to Veteran Musang Mission, you are supporting our vision to help more veterans overcome struggles related to PTSD and grow their skills that contribute to an overall better mindset and outlook on life.
Here’s how your donations will be used:

Improve the property that boards veterans participating in the program.

Supplies needed for Mustangs and their well-being.

Bring awareness to our non-profit and how we help veterans adjust back to civilian life.


100% of your donation benefits veterans

Angela Nylund is a mother, Combat Veteran, founder of Veteran Mustang Mission, and owner of Fayetteville Equestrian Center. She established the Veteran Mustang Mission in 2021 to provide veterans a compassionate, productive, enriching pathway to adjust to a different environment and provide resources for Mustangs.


Interested in being a participant?

If you are a veteran who is interested in participating in our program at
Veteran Mustang Mission, start by emailing us at veteranmustangmission@gmail.com